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Before seeing Dr. Jordan, I had my first migraine in the summer of 2000, at the age of 16.  This than got worse and turned into a migraine hangover causing me to throw up and ruin the rest of the day and days to come.   I now feel 100 times better than the first day i  walked into your office.  I have been in treatment for nearly 10 years now and have gone as long as 11 months without a migraine and the ones I have had have been much milder than over before.  As I've learned, it is a chronic problem that I am going to deal with, but through treatment, NOT medicines, migraines can be tamed and virtually eliminated from life, if you follow the treatment and the process. 

Brad U. 

Before starting laser therapy there was swelling/pain and limited mobility which affected my normal exercise routine.  Walking and standing long periods of time was painful.  I no longer had a normal gait.  My hips began to ache. X rays and MRI showed a medial meniscus tear and defect of articular cartilage.  I started ice therapy, elevation and limiting exercise routine with improvement.  Dr. Jordan started me on MLS therapy and saw positive results immediately.  Pain, swelling and inflammation decreased after two visits.  I had knee arthroscopy with medial meniscectomy and have continued with laser treatment post-surgery.  The MLS laser therapy has shortened my recovery period.  Pain, swelling and inflammation resolved.  I am a true believer of the laser treatment and the positive results and outcome.  What a medical breakthrough. 

Gail L

Prior to treatment with Dr. Jordan, my lower back and left knee where very painful, which limited my mobility to do what I wanted to do on a regular basis.  Over the years I've had shots put in my left knee and lower back several times.  Due to treatment with the MLS laser my back is 95% pain free, my right knee is pain free and my left knee is 80 to 85% pain free.  The treatments I have been taking since December of 2022 are working very well and I am not taking any pain medications now.  Able to go shopping and feeling more stable without a walker or a cane.  I am now more mobile and able to stand longer periods of time. 

David W

Before seeing Dr. Jordan I had bad back pain and had to walk with a walker or cane. I had severe pain in the left hip area and could not stand to shower. When doing household chores- like stripping my bed, I had to work 10-15 minutes then sit down until my back pain had settled down and then I could continue my work. I was miserable. I could not go out of my home because I was afraid of falling. I was a prisoner in my own home. In the past I had tried physical therapy and I had shoulder and back surgery in 2014 and 2020 with no relief. I feel blessed now and much, much better. I can walk without assistance (including a cane or walker). I walk much straighter and without the sharp pains. I can shower, brush my teeth, and get dressed all without sitting down... before the treatment all those things took a while. I am going out to dinner and to the park- I feel like I have been released from my cage! Dr. Jordan said that I was in bad shape, and I had abused my body but now I feel so much better.

Caroline K.

When I started seeing Dr. Jordan I had alot of swelling, pain and stiffness; Stairs were out of the question. In the past I had tried pain reliever medications, ointments and therapy. Now, I feel stable when walking and my balance is so much better and I love the results of the laser treatment! I can go up stairs so much easier now!!

Joann B. 

I have severe pain in my knees. I had trouble walking, sleeping, and simply standing. My everyday life was full of constant pain. I have tried physical therapy and shots in my knees. The shots helped with the pain, but I was told I needed knee replacement surgery.  My knees are much better now little to no pain. I can walk, stand, and do more. Before my treatments I hated going shopping because of the sever pain. 

Helen G. 

Before coming to Valley Spine & Injury Center, I met with an orthopedist who recommended a total knee replacement. I also tried physical therapy and was taking lots of ibuprofen just to get through the day. Before I started treatment here I had become unable to get up and move that way I liked to. Traveling had become difficult and my children were doing things without me. I had to find my balance when I stood up and walking had become painful. The treatment I have received has made a huge difference in my life. I go out and do what I want with little to no pain. It has been an amazing change. If you follow the program it works!! 


Before I started at Jordan Chiropractic, I was in pain all the time.  My shoulders, mid back, low back, legs, and feet constantly hurt.  I had no energy.  I would muster enough energy to work and do the things I had to do, and then I would sleep.  I didn't sleep well at night and would take naps that were at least four hours during the day.  I was depressed, grouchy, and felt old.  I didn't feel like doing anything.  I told my medical doctor how I was feeling.  He prescribed anti-depressants and a non-narcotic medication for pain.  These medications helped a little and made the pain tolerable.  I took high potent vitamins for energy.  They helped me get through the day.  Then, my back went "out" and I knew I needed chiropractic care.  Now, I feel great!  Thanks to Valley Spine & Injury Center, I am no longer in pain or grouchy.  The depression is gone.  I sleep better at night and don't have to take naps.  I don't feel old anymore.  The complete care of spinal manipulation, diet, exercise, and vitamins have completely changed my life.  Now, I am living instead of existing. 


Before I started seeing Dr. Jordan, I had horrible low back pain as well as bad pain in both feet and legs.  I had gone to a podiatrist for my feet, which really didn't help.  Today, I can honestly say that I feel I am able to walk and function only because of the treatment I have received from Dr. Jordan.  For me, he has been a life saver and I tell everyone I know about him.


I had low back pain from doing heavy lifting in 1987.  Then, in 1990, I had a work accident that caused paralysis from the waist down, a ruptured disc, and spinal cord compression.  I had to have surgery and 2 years of rehabilitation to learn to walk without aids, which was a life changing experience.  Before treating with Dr. Jordan, I had tried physician based treatments, traction, and muscle relaxers with no progress.  Since 1987, Dr. Jordan's treatment has enabled me to have a relatively stable and pain free life by the use of adjustments, home exercises, custom orthotics, and nutritional counseling.  This treatment has kept me going and living a happy productive life.  I've worked every day since 1992 and I'm 62 and don't plan to retire!


I suffered from awful, constant; neck pain, entire full back pain, and weakness in both my legs that stopped me from standing properly and walking much.  I dealt with migraines everyday, constant light hurting my eyes, sounds of any kind killing my senses. I had no life, I slept all day, and I couldn't do anything with my children because I was always laid up in bed with tons of pain. I've tried therapy, pain medicine, and even injections.  Someone suggested a Chiropractor. To be honest with you I had my doubts. I came to see Dr. Jordan. After visits and treatments I can proudly and officially say that I am PAIN FREE! My posture is straight, doesn't hurt to walk, I can also bend properly as well. I feel 100% better. No more pounding migraines. My hips feel fine, my neck is a normal neck, my back is an actual back and not just a pile of pain. I highly suggest anyone with incurable pain to come se Dr. Jordan. He will help and make you feel human again. I get to play with my children, wrestle and chase them all around the house. Thanks, Dr. Jordan.


I was dealing with pinched nerves for quiet some time. I also had neck pain and migraines every week.  I was restless and irritable. I missed many continuous days of work. Driving was difficult, and normal every day to day activity were worse. Living a normal life was out of my imagination.  I used Advil and Excedrin migraine to help cope my pain.  I saw a Chiropractor previously and that was a complete nightmare. It was so awful I refuse to discuss it.  I was very hesitant about coming to see Dr. Jordan, just because of my previous experience.  As soon as I walked into the office I knew and felt I made the right decision.  I've been a patient of Dr. Jordan's now for a few months and I already have complete relief.  No more sunglasses everyday to avoid light, no more of me being in a bad mood. I fell like a new person. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.


I came to Dr. Jordan for a stiff neck that would not go away. Prior to seeing Dr. Jordan I was diagnosed with a form of dysautonomia called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome(POTS), Reflex Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD), as well as asthma. During my initial appointment, Dr. Jordan ordered x-rays of my neck. This was the first time any medical professional (including specialists at Cleveland Clinic) had ordered x-rays. Dr. Jordan discovered that my atlas vertebrae was so tilted that it compressed my brain stem. This was causing many of my dysautonomia symptoms. These symptoms included: dizziness, rapid heart beat, and increased blood pressure upon standing. Dr. Jordan discovered that my nerves were pinched at the nerve root and were causing my syndrome. He also discovered that I broke my neck several years ago, which explained my strange migraines.

After three months of frequent treatments I was able to dance at a friends wedding with my fiancé. It has been two years since I could dance or exercise. I feel like a whole new woman. My parents and friends are amazed with my improvement and continued great health. We moved during the summer and I didn't have to take the frequent breaks I took before. Even my specialists were stunned by my progress and have decreased the amount of medication I have to take! It is a miracle.
I highly recommend Dr. Jordan to anyone with chronic unexplained or even explained pain. I visited other chiropractors in high school and a couple of years ago, but no one was as thorough as Dr. Jordan. I am so thankful that I decided to see Dr. Jordan.


Before coming to Dr. Jordan I was at the point I didn't even want to try and go places. I could not get up and down steps, my feet would put me in tears. I hurt from my shoulders to my toes, I could not find anyone that would help me. But the first time my husband and I came to see him, he said he could help me, but it would take time. I am getting my life back.

No one would help me they would say its been to long and your weight will keep you in pain.
I feel so much better now, I am not saying I am 100% but I am confident I will at least get to 80-85% at the end of my journey here. Dr. Jordan gives you every detail of what will be happening, his staff is wonderful and the day I came to his office we talked. He told me every morning before he leaves his hours he prays, "Let me be able to help my patients, relieve their pain and give them their lives back." I knew that was the answer to my prayers. 

Kathy J. 

I have battled planter fasciitis since 2008 and have been having problems a little longer than that, with numbness in my feet. Over the years I have had several tests with different doctors. Dr. Jordan was the first to help me. My life has not been affected in a major way, it has not inhibited me, just made me uncomfortable. 
I was treated for planter fasciitis with braces, shoe changes, physical therapy which did not relieve the pain but did nothing for the numbness. Dr. Jordan's ultrasound, later treatment and light therapy treatments have made a huge difference. 
My neuropathy thanks to Dr. Jordan's treatment is about 80-90% better. I am still doing treatments and expect I will be at 100% better soon.

Pamela B. 

My back and knee hurt, I was limping all the time and the sciatica pain was horrible. After work I could not walk without horrible pain. I was using a cane at night even more. I was miserable all the time. I had to quit my job because I physically could not handle it anymore. 
I tried physical therapy and I think it made it even worse. It took three months to get into pain management then insurance would not pay for it. I  had talked to several people that said the shots did not  help so I did not do them. 
My sciatica pain is gone, I can walk without limping. I am not in a lot of pain like I was. The laser treatments have been like a miracle, I really do not know where I would be if I had not found Dr. Jordan on Facebook. 

Terri H. 

Before I started seeing Dr. Jordan, I would cry daily. My legs were so very painful. I had an injury in the past along with a weight problem. 
No treatments were given other than being told I needed to get the weight off before any treatments would help. Of course, they included physical exercises which I could not do! Treadmill, running, and riding bikes. 
In my first meeting with Dr. Jordan he made a statement "I am not going to be a loser" great. Then he said each morning before I leave my bedroom, I thank God for giving me this new treatment way for me to relieve and help people. I also thank God for letting me have the knowledge to have this gift as my work. Now, I have had great relief and improvement. I will continue to do my treatments. 

Vada J. 

I could walk but with pain, I tried other routes to get help with my knees. My sister found Dr. Jordan online and set me up an appointment. It really worked for me. I can walk much better will less pain in my knees.
I went to family doctor; he gave me medication and it helped with the swelling but not enough. 
I am about 75% better. I can now go upstairs and work without swelling and pain. 

Barbara S. 

I have tripped and fallen a couple of times and both knees were affected. My MRI's showed a torn meniscus on the right and a frayed meniscus on the left. I had pain resting and ambulating. My activity became limited. It affected all areas of my life due to the problem.
I have tried rest, ice, elevation, and medications. these treatments gave me minimum to moderate relief. After the treatments, my pain would always come back. They only gave me temporary relief. 
Since I started the knee treatment program, I have marked improvement. My pain is infrequent, and I can resume my normal activities. I don't need to take pain medication (over the counter) like I did occasionally. Dr. Jordan has significantly improved my back pain and my knee condition. Thank you so much! God bless Dr. Jordan and his wonderful staff.

Anita G. 

I have severe pain in my knees. I had trouble walking, sleeping, and simply standing. My everyday life was full of constant pain. I have tried physical therapy and shots in my knees. The shots helped with the pain, but I was told I needed knee replacement surgery. 
My knees are much better now little to no pain. I can walk, stand, and do more. Before my treatments I hated going shopping because of the sever pain. 

Helen G. 

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